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Sex Dolls: Zambia Police Hunt For Sex Dolls, Vibrators

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The Zambian police have threatened to arrest persons found to own sex dolls and vibrators in the country.

According to Zambian police spokesperson, Esther Katongo, items considered as ‘obscene materials’ which include sex dolls, vibrators e.t.c are prohibited by the law and importation of such items is illegal.

“Possession of obscene materials in this country is an offence. Read section 177 of the Penal Code Importation check section 177 (1)(b) and Section 177 (1) criminalises taking part in such business,” Katongo explained.

The southern African country has been noted for her strong stance against same-sex marriage and others LGBT related matters.

If this Zambia, this youth will probably be finding his way to the Police station close to him. (Nigerian)
The issue of sex doll and vibrators have been a trending across major social media platforms in Africa. Some individuals have hinted that some may have sacrificed their spouse for these robots in future.

At present, a sex doll goes on sale at a price as high as $2,000. For companies such as Abyss Creations, a sex doll goes for sale at higher price – around $10,000, depending on added extra features.






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