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Policemen Frustrating Execution of Court Order, Lawyer Tells IG

A Lagos lawyer, Mr. Kayode Fasetire has appealed to the Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris Kpotum to call to order, some of his officers who are been used to frustrate a court order in Lagos.

Kayode who is counsel to Redorn Realtors Ltd said his client obtained a court order for the possession of a property located at 31a & b Gafar Animashaun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos but that since they took possession, some mobile policemen has been trying to illegally reinstate the former owner into the property..

Kayode said that his client bought the said property from Sterling Bank Plc in 2015 but that all their effort to gain entry into the property has been continuously frustrated by mobile police officers on the orders of someone with the top echelons of the police force.

Narrating the circumstance surrounding the ownership of the building, Kayode said the former owners of the property Tonique Oil Services Ltd lost it ownership after failing to pay back a N2billion loan facility it secured from Sterling Bank Plc.

He said his client subsequently decided to buy the said property which was on sale from Sterling Bank Plc at a cost agreed by both parties.

Kayode further noted that his client duly obtained a court order from a Lagos Magistrate Court for possession of the property which was served on the occupant.

“On 18 August 2017 we took possession of the property only for the Managing Director of Tonique Oil Service Ltd, Tony Adejuigbe to storm the property three days after with some policemen and some thugs.

“We reported the matter to Maroko Police station and he was subsequently arrested but later released on bail.

“We were shocked when on Friday another set of Mobile police officers again storm the property. We have been unable to who sent them and what their mission is on the property. We believe someone high up in the police is using them to undermine the court orders.

He appealed to the IG to urgently look into the matter to aviod break down of law and order.






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