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On-Demand Service Marketplace: TaskRabbit Vs Workclick

Written by Henry Ojelu

With the growing needs for people to accomplish numerous domestic and non-domestic tasks daily, innovative companies are addressing the challenge through on-demand service ordering solutions. Whether you need a plumber to fix a broken pipe, a barber, hairdresser, mechanic, optician, cleaner etc, you no longer have to put up with the stress of sourcing for them, as on-demand service providers gets them for you fast and easy. 

Over the years, the idea has become quite popular with more than 7 million users across the world signing up for the service. On one end, millions of skilled workers are earning meaningful income by offering their services while on the other end, a greater number of people are getting their tasks done conveniently and fast.

Two companies that readily stand out in offering this service is TaskRabbit and WorkClick. Although both companies provide similar services, there are however some noticeable differences in their approach and policies.

Both companies understand that hiring people through an online service can spark some questions especially in the character and credibility of the person being hired. They however address this issue in their own unique ways. 

TaskRabbit conducts a background and criminal records check on the people who sign up to become taskers, as well as having them undergo necessary examinations. On its part, WorkClick also conducts security check on all its employees but further requires certificate of good conduct from all its workers. 


With TaskRabbit there is no need for cash to change hands for any job or transaction as they handle all payments and reimbursements on their end. Payments are made directly toTaskRabbit via the app, TaskRabbit will in turn remit payments due to the tasker once the job is completed.

WorkClick however adopts two approaches in its payment system. It allows its workers to collect cash directly for job done depending on the preferred payment method selected by the customer on each transaction. This means that a worker can get direct payment from the customer. The customer can also pay directly to Workclick through the Workclick App.

Service Cost

Much of TaskRabbit tasks are secured through a bidding process. once a job is posted on the app or website, an active bid ensues between the various taskers and the best bidder most likely gets the job. This is however different with Workclick. For every job or service, a cost is fixed to it. The idea behind price fixing on Workclick is to remove pricing ambiguity between the service provider and the person who need the service.

TaskRabbit worker gets as much as $2000 to $3000 a month. TaskRabbit however charges 20 percent on every completed task. The income is paid out on weekly or monthly basis as preferred by the Tasker. Workclick workers make about $3000 a month. This is in exclusion of the 20 percent service charge to by Worklick for each completed task.

Mobile App

Going mobile is the way of the future as more and more people use mobile devices in their everyday lives. The same goes with businesses, as mobile devices have become an important part of businesses as well. Workclick gives just that with their mobile app for both Android and iOS. With the Workclick app, you have access to quality workers whenever you need them. TaskRabbit offers pretty same convenience with the TaskRabbit App on Android and iOS devices.


The feedback mechanism for both TaskRabbit and Workclick are very similar. Workclick however engages a more robust approach to ensure that customers are satisfied for services paid for. TaskRabbit feedback mechanism is simple. Once an issue arises, you simply lodge your complaint and it should be resolved.

On its part, Workclick engages several approaches to get feedback from customers. After every completed job, the customer rates the and his or her services. If the worker did not actually complete the job he/she was expected to, you may report the issue directly to the Workclick support team via the mobile app. The issues is subsequently investigated and resolve it accordingly‎.

Whichever of these two companies you decide to work for, be sure you are in for some cool money. For everyone in need of a little hand to get those domestic jobs done, it really doesn’t get easier than this.






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