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Nurse Accused of Extortion by Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s Family Gets $42,000 Refund, American Citizenship

Ms Nwoye

In a twist of fate, fortune and destiny, Ms. Queen Nwoye, the Nigerian American Registered Nurse accused by the Husband of Dr Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala’s of blackmail and extortion, has been granted Citizenship by the American Government.

These developments fol­low a review of her case by the American judicial sys­tem which went on to es­tablish that Ms Nwoye was indeed manipulated by the main suspect, Mr Emeka Adrian Osuagwu.
The Court also ordered that the family of Professor Okonjo Iweala refund the sum of forty thousand dol­lars being the sum Nwoye has been made to pay as or­dered by the courts in the past years.

Writing about her expe­rience while in jail in her upcoming book, Broken Shackles, Nwoye who is cur­rently doing her Masters in Nursing and eyeing a PhD said she decided to share her experience so that people can learn to put their trust in God, no matter the situation.

According to Nwoye, her true life’s experience, which few years ago made burn­ing headlines and subjects of topical discussions in the United States of Amer­ica, Nigeria and around the world is one that will eas­ily serve to remind all of the Power and Place of God in the affairs of men.

Her Book, Broken Shack­les talks about her going jail term in a federal prison in America; having to squarely face high level investiga­tions, trial and prosecution by the Federal Bureau of In­vestigations, (FBI) and vari­ous authorities in numerous courts in the United States of America, (USA), and grap­pling with the psychological challenges of living with a twisted identity for life, in­cluding likely deportation.

Nwoye said for a woman that has gone through the biblical valley of the shad­ows of death as will be read in her upcoming book, that she is convinced without any equivocation that it is only God Almighty who could have taken her through it all and given her victory in the end.

“God made me go through all these in order to make me to show the world of His power to forgive and re­store”, she explained.

For “Broken Shackles” Expert book reviewers who have seen the preview de­scribed it as a potential best-selling book in the list and analogy of all-time best sellers, considering that Ms. Nwoye herself gave a true and inside account of events, including in that of the af­fairs with Professor Okonjo Iweala, the husband of Ni­geria two time minister of Finance and former World Bank Vice President, Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala.

Explaining that the cel­ebrated affairs she had with the husband of the former finance minister which later became a subject of the FBIs investigations were not only reported from a narrow and untruth prism, Nwoye said the narratives also repre­sents a distortions of facts and realities in ways that of­fends posterity.

“The purpose of coming out to tell it all is not to res­urrect old wounds, or define who was wrong or right. The purpose is simply to ac­knowledge God Almighty as the only one who has the final say in any affairs of men and to bring glory to His Name for my life’s story which can rightly be de­scribed as a prison to palace story.

“It is an account of a true event that has today per­fected my life, and for those of other people that God has and continues to bring in contact with me”, Nwoye added.

According to her, she spent about one year in prison, but was made the Assistant to the DC, CCA Jail Chaplain, Rev Napper within that time, with the jail chaplain insisting God had told him to bring her to the jail chapel to assist him in making bulletins for the services, cleaning and ar­ranging the chapel for in­mate’s worships.

It could be recalled that sometimes in 2007, then 28 year old Queen Nwoye was charged with conspiracy to commit extortion, found guilty and was convicted of felony in Washington DC in 2008.
It was a case that went vi­ral, with charges of ridicu­lous association of lies and deceits ocherestrated by a man called Emeka Adrian Osuagwu.

Nwoye, who today is also an ordained minister in the ministry recently held a thanksgiving service in church which many Nige­rians in America described as the most ever recorded powerful Thanksgiving ser­vice that involved even the American Immigration ser­vice.






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