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Nollywood Actresses And Their Tattoo Craze

By Hazeez Balogun

nollywood-tattosThe question is not about which actor has a tattoo nowadays, it is more about who does not have one. Almost every actor, popular or up and coming have one or more tattoos these days. It is more like a statement piece which they are not shy to flaunt. This is a story of Nigerian actresses and their outrageous tattoos

“It is something that I have always loved when I was a kid. So one day, I just went out and came back with it and said ‘mummy see what I have done’. She asked me if it was not painful just sitting down while they were piercing my body with needles. Knowing the kind of job I do, I needed to have it.

nollywood-tattosThis is me, it is what I want. You cannot judge me with this; all you need to do is to listen to what I have to say. I don’t care what people say about me, because it is normal for them to talk. My interest does not affect other people’s interest. The only thing I know is that it will prevent me from doing epic movies.

There are guys who love these things but pretend about it. That is the reason why marriages don’t last these days. They admire ladies outside, but when they get home they see something different. A man saw me and came up to me to tell me he liked my tattoo. He asked if he could get my number or if I could take his wife to where I did it, and I said yes. Today the woman and I are best of friends. I told his wife to respect him for that.”

That is an excerpt from a chat with actress, Dekunbi Adams on why she has tattoos. This is a list of some other actresses with crazy tattoos

Karen Igho

Crazy and sexy, Karen is not the one to shy away from the enhancing her beauty whenever she deems necessary. She is probably the first Nigerian celebrity to openly confirm that she has had a boob job done.

Immediately after winning Big Brother Africa, she also decided to have a tattoo done one her newly acquired breasts. She drew a large tattoo of a rose all over her breast. She also has one tattoo on her belly. There is also another one on her butt.

Vivian Amegashie

Call her a tattoo freak and you won’t be wrong, this pretty half caste Ghana actress has tattoo drawn all over her body. The whole of her left arm has a written book on it.

Cossy Orjiakor

The queen of boobs, Cossy Ojiakor is also one of the queens of Tattoos. She has been spotted with Tattoos even when she was still a dancer for Obesere and Pasuma. Today, she has numerous Tattoos. Of course the biggest one is one her most prized part of her body. She also has a butterfly tattoo on top of her butt. One small one is on her neck as well.

But Cossy obsession does not end there once asked her fans to write ‘I Love Cossy’ on their bodies. She asked for them to do this and send her the photos and she will in return give them gifts. One of her fans went as far as tattooing ‘I love Cossy’ on his pubic region. Cossy posted the picture on her social media handle and named the fan winner of the competition.

Uche Ogbodo

Light skinned actress, Uche Ogbodo was among those who trail blazed the tattoo trend in Nollywood, she got her arm tattoo several years ago when she was head over heels in a steaming romance with her boyfriend cross, and to show how crazy about him she was, she drew a tattoo (cross and flower) on her arm. Though the two have since parted ways, the tattoo remains.

Nadia Buari

Pretty Ghana actress Nadia Buari is also a lover of tattoos, though she only recently got one. It’s a relatively big tattoo that looks like an angel drawn behind her right shoulder and another on her left arm. The tattoos actually look good on her as it contrasts well with her light skin.

Tonto Dikeh

Call her Nollywood’s most controversial actress and you will be stating the obvious. The light skinned actress who ranks as the most daring in Nollywood is one who you can call a tattoo freak. She has over 10 different tattoos all over her body. She made the news recently when she drew a very massive tattoo on her back. She posted pictures of herself being tattoed by a bearded white man in the USA

The tattoo turned out to be a real work of art. It stretches from her neck to her lower back. It starts as a series of stars from her neck. The stars go round her body to join a huge portrait of what looks like herself on her back. The tattoo continues as stars and end on her lower back.

The giant tattoo is not the only one she has. There are series of other tattoos on her body many of which are coloured stars. There is one as well on her feet which is inscribed “Guide my steps oh lord.”

Rukky Sanda
Tall and pretty Rukky Sanda is also very crazy about her tattoo and does elaborate ones. Her major one is done on her back. Like that of Tonto, it takes over her back and it is joined by smaller tattoos. Hers is a large rose flower linked by many flower stems. She also has many other small tattoos all over her body

Oge Okoye
Sexy and slim actress, Oge Okoye has been a lover of tattoo before she got into Nollywood. The pretty mother of two has 3 very small tattoos on her body, one on her ankle, arm and boobs.

Salma Munim

The total number of tattoos on her body is yet to be confirmed, but a distinct look at her tells one that she is the only Ghanaian actress with such wild and numerous tattoos. She has tattoos on almost all part of her body. The most prominent tattoo is probably the large Africa map she has on her arm.
Salma is popular for her roles in movies like Passion &Soul, The Will, Seduction, ‘No Apology’, ‘Crazy’ and ‘Five Brides’ among others






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