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There is a new condom that can be pricked with a PIN and not break apart… but would you trust it?

* The Lelo Hex condom has a structure of 350 interconnected hexagons

* It can be pricked with a pin and not shatter apart unlike other condoms

* But medical experts warned it’s important to know if a condom breaks

* It means you can take ‘necessary steps’ like emergency contraception

The future of condoms is here, according to a company that has developed a barrier that ‘changes everything’.

American company Lelo, which is most well known for designing high-end sex toys, has launched a new condom called ‘Hex’ which ships worldwide, including to Australia.

The product aims to address the three main issues that come along with most condoms: That is discomfort, slippage, and breakage.

In fact, an accompanying video on the website shows that it can be pricked with a pin and not completely break apart.

The future? A new condom claims that you can prick it with a pin and not have the entire sheath break
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The condom, instead of being one smooth piece of latex, has 350 small interconnected hexagons making up the sheath.

This, the company demonstrates in a short video, means that if the condom has a small tear or pinprick, the entire condom doesn’t break, unlike with traditional barriers. 

In addition, the website states that with its structure, the condom allows body warmth to be transmitted between partners for ‘a more sensitive and more intimate sexual sensation’. 

However, medical experts have warned that even an extremely small break, like a pinprick, could let semen through.

Expert: Dr Deborah Bateson (above) the medical director for Family Planning NSW says that it’s important to know when a condom has broken
‘It’s really important to be alerted to the fact a condom has broken, because then you can get put in the necessary steps,’ Family Planning NSW Medical Director Dr Deborah Bateson explained to Daily Mail Australia. 

‘If you know your condom has broken, you can get STI testing, you can get an emergency contraception if needed. We want people to know the condom has broken ‘

Other sex educators expressed similar concerns, including writer and educator The Lorax of Sex. 

‘While it sucks to have a condom break, the way in which they break acts as, whether intentionally or not, a red flag system,’ she wrote. 

‘The shattering of the condom means you know that your barrier has failed and that you now need to take steps to address the situation- emergency contraception, STI testing, post-exposure STI prophylaxis.’ 

Stay healthy: Medical experts warn that it’s important to know if your condom has even the smallest tear, so you can get STI testing and emergency contraception
Dr Bateson did, however, praise any company that was doing more research on contraception and trying to improve condoms. 

‘The [Lelo Hex] it’s still latex, and really if we’re thinking about new products and developmentss it’s important to think about new materials,’ she said. 

‘We need to do more research into female condoms, there are other things to look at.’

She also stressed the important of doubling up long term contraception with condoms and getting regular STI tests. 

‘Condoms are great, they’re the best things we’ve got to prevent STIs,’ Dr Bateson said. ‘But we also recommend getting STI tests once a year, or if you have a new partner, or have had unsafe sex.’

‘If you do have a broken condom, don’t feel embarrassed or anxious about getting going to your GP and having an STI test.







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