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Married actress, Ijeoma Grace Agu Joins The ‘Bare-It-All’ Gang



There is no doubt that Nollywood actress Ijeoma Grace Agu is a thespian of note.

She has been so daring and expressed versatility in her deliveries but Ijeoma who has starred in numerous movies seems to have chosen to take her penchant for being daring to a several notches higher with the release of a nD
The actress who has starred in movies like “Spotlight”, “The Arrangement”, “The Habit”, “Taxi Driver” and more, went with a half-and-half approach for her promo pictures.

She taunted with some sexy looks and some glam looks in sexy lingerie.

Ijeoma has taken on roles of prostitute in so many productions and had no scruple delivering on the nudity part.

“As far as it is needed and as long as you’re not shooting porn, the actual copulation, you can simulate it…If it’s relevant to the character and it won’t take away from the story. If it will add to the story, yes I would do it,” she told a national daily.

“I can go nude in a movie if it’s tastefully done; yeah…There is art to everything we do as creatives. You’re not shooting porn, so the blatant showing of it shouldn’t be there. You simulate it and make it look arty in a way that is not disgusting,” Ijeoma added.

Asides being a producer, Ijeoma are also the casting director for House5 production.

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