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(Book Review) The Gathering of the Tribes -By Evans Ufeli

By TheHeat Nigeria -The Gathering of the Tribes is a riveting metaphorical narrative. This prose narrative is set in the rural arable Anieze Etua in Delta State. The setting and characters of this fictive world figuratively underscores the socio-political unrest of the Nigerian State. It’s the unjust leadership construct, economic injustice and the share inequalities in Anieze that brought about a serious conflict in the story.

'Gathering of the Tribes' Author, Evans Ufeli
‘Gathering of the Tribes’ Author, Evans Ufeli

Anieze is a type of the Nigerian State with its numerous challenges particularly as it relates to the distribution of the common wealth of the people. Ike, dissatisfied with the leadership and the massive corruption ongoing calls for the head of chief Onyeonu and his cronies. In a bid to upturn the rot and deep seated carnage against the establishment Ike is faced with a backclash of resistance precipitated by the ruling class. 

In this story, Nze takes the baton and wade fearlessly into the muky waters of disdain – this is where the revolution was birth. In what became like war in Anieze the fate of the people for whom the dissidents fought for comes under intense pressure. Insurgency sprang forth from the sect created by the ruling class as the instrument of control could not hold any longer.

Death, insurrection and tragedy came really close to the society and they began to lose their rural serenity to urban hostilities with the severe effect hopelessness orchestrated from a volatile socio-political economy.

The Gathering of the Tribes is told with detailed emphasis on the Etua cultural heritage as the organic and boisterous Masquerade dialectics mirrors the ancient and idyllic heathen of the African traditional life. Here we are reminded of the natural order of human existence before the vituperation of foreign influences in our core threshold. 

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Most importantly, the book explores the nature and import of political turbulence of the Nigerian State figuratively cast as Anieze with a particular reference to a possible solution to the inequalities, violations of human rights, disrespect for the rule of law and due process, discordance electoral system and the dearth of leadership in Nigeria.

At the end, the ideologies of the dissatisfied was brought to the fore as the established  steroids and false stereotyped utopia construct collapsed under the weight of its own internal contradictions. This book is a reawakening call to duty for the birth of a new nation. It’s a call to justice. This is the beginning!





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