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First Bank Manager In Fraud Mess

Sola Adeduntan, First Bank MD

Gabriel Ubong, a manager at First Bank of Nigeria, is alleged to have aided and abetted one Lawrence Efe to swindle a bank customer, Adenike Ogunshua. According to the Ogunshua, Efe, who she knew to be a staffer of First Bank of Nigeria Plc, persuaded her to participate in one of the bank’s investment products. She explained she was told to make N21,000 monthly contribution to the bank for 10 years.

Ogunshua claimed she made the requisite contribution for sixty-one months, but the transactions were not receipted by the bank marketer (Efe).

” I asked for receipt for my payment but he said my money is safe and that at intervals, the bank will send me my statement of payment” she said.

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Ogunshua said at a time she expressed a wish to withdraw part of her investment saving, to which Efe telephoned the bank manager, Ubong.

“Efe told me Ubong said I could only make the withdrawal, if I changed the policy I subscribed to and that the contribution would increase from N21,000 to N30,000”, she added.

Moreover, Ogunshua alleged she complied with the instruction and remitted N30,000 to the bank for three months (July to September 2016).
“After I changed my policy, I waited for the partial payment I requested for but I didn’t get any alert despite the promises the defendant and the bank manager made to me. She narrated. I decided to go to the bank’s headquarters, where I was told Efe only remitted two months (August and September 2011) contribution to my investment account. The receipts for these two months were the only receipts he gave me out of the 61 months I paid for”, the woman stated.

Also, Ogunshua was told Efe had stopped working for the bank since 2012.

Ogunshua said before she could make a move and without being told, Ubong swiftly got Efe arrested.
“I believe Ubong is an accomplice and only trying to erase his involvement”, Ogunshua said.

Ogunshua’s statement are her testimonies before the Ogba Magistrate’s Court, where the case is being heard.

During his appearance last week, the defendant, Efe admitted Ubong knew about it and he was the one he usually telephoned.

“The bank manager is the one he calls to confirm if the bank has received my payment, despite knowing I had stopped working for the bank,” Efe stated.

The case was adjourned till January 22 for further hearing.

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