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Dr. Uche Ogah’s business in politics and the desperation of the political camarilla

Uche Ogah

By Uche Aguoru

To the political sciolist, the question that engages their psyche on the person of Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah is what will a decent, highly blessed, self fulfilled, God fearing billionaire with a vast business empire like the Master Energy group be doing in politics? Most times these questions arise out of pity and love for his kind nature as against the muddy shark infested political waters that Abia has been turned into by a set of political desperadoes. Who are bent on making sure that the state keeps walking heads down and feet’s up, as long as their bank accounts gets fatter every FAAC day.

And the answer lies in a recent speech made by Dr. Ogah in a function where he said and I quote “My venture into politics is out of love for my people and the crave for even development of my state across all sectors as found in other progressive states of the federation.”

Dr. Uchechukwu Sampson Ogah had in no small way added value to the lives of Abians, he has all along placed Abia and Abians first in his priority list. This gentle, unassuming and benevolent personality had all along lived above self by exhibiting a rare show of love for the poor and vulnerable in the society.

All these can be attested to by the way he transformed the sleepy Community of Onuaku to the largest industrial cluster in Abia today. He has also turned the poor Onuaku Community to an enviable estate by erecting befitting abodes to virtually all the households in Onuaku.

He also has made sure that all the youths in Uturu are engaged either in businesses or studying in various universities within Nigeria and beyond courtesy of Dr. Uche Ogah Foundation. He single handedly erected the faculty of law building in Abia state university Uturu.

He also donated more than a quarter of the total number of cars given out as empowerment items by the state government under the immediate past administration.

He also extended his benevolent spirit through the Master Energy Group where there is a direct engagement of over 6000 youths within Abia and an indirect employment of almost twice the same figure.

Dr. Ogah’s benevolence and philanthropy is not one borne out of political ambition but of genuine desire to transform the lives of any one who he comes in contact with through the enormous blessings God has dropped at his door step.

The desire to change the living standard of Abians was what dragged him out of his billionaire comfort zone into the political wrestling contest, where those incharge of the political wrestling beat is scared of any body who has come to rewrite the political history of the state from the negative to the positive.

In an interaction with Dr. Ogah he once told me “I love the poor, but I hate their condition” Dr. Ogah communicates more through action and has designed a definitive road map for the development of all sectors of the state, he has an economic empowerment action plan that will ensure sustainable economic empowerment of every family unit in Abia.

He also has a program that will industrialise the three geopolitical zones and create jobs for the teeming unemployed youths.

Time and space will not permit me to enumerate the various economic, human capital,education,health and infrastructural development action plan with a clear cut and thoroughly defined implementation structure that will place Abia amongst the first in the comity of states.

All these wonderfully created initiatives flowing out of the innate desires of a man who wants to see an Abia that we all will be proud of, that will ensure that the state attains its full potentials in all sections, cannot be possible if justice is not dispensed by the Supreme Court in favour of the ordinary Abian who Dr. Uche Ogah represents.

The ordinary Abian has been suffering untold hardship in the hands of a governor who would rather use the money meant for the salary of Abia Civil Servants to fly private jets.

A governor who for lack of entrepreneurial initiatives will prefer to jet out with a chattered aircraft with just two pair of shoes for sale rather than think out how to improve the Made in Aba shoe market by building gum factories and bringing leather designing equipment.

A governor who prefers to indulge in expensive wines,spirits and partying while the state capital is submerged in heaps of refuse threatening the health of Abians. A governor who prefers to service the pockets of a clique against service to the people. A governor who lacks economic creativity in these financially challenging times.

A governor who is busy trying to gain the attention and friendship of fellow governors rather than think out ways of tapping the enormous natural wealth that is domiciled in all parts of the state. A governor with limited knowledge and tact on how to move the state forward from where he met it.

While it is very painful and excruciatingly difficult to admit, it remains an unbleached truism that Abia under Dr. Okezie Victor Ikpeazu has not moved a step forward from where the previous administration stopped. And, it is even more horrorful to admit that the economic and infrastructural fortunes of Abia State has retrogressed due to incompetent leadership and ineptitude as exhibited by Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu PhD.

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