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Couple finds an egg with Allah inscription

muslimA Muslim couple claim they were ‘blessed by a miracle’ after buying an egg from Iceland with the name of Allah embossed on the shell.

Anisa Jussab, 36, bought a £1 pack of eggs from her local supermarket in Leicester and was about to bake a cake for her husband Farid, 37, when she noticed bumps on one of the shells.

And upon taking a closer look Mrs Jussab discovered the phrase ‘None to be worshipped except Allah’ in Arabic script – leading her to believe that it was a blessing.


She said: ‘We have been blessed by a miracle. It’s not something anyone has carved on the egg. These things appear and I’ve heard about this sort of thing in the roots of trees and in the sky.

‘It is a sign and I think it’s a message to all Muslims to forgive and to have a clean heart. It is a miracle and a blessing.’

Mr Jussab’s wife purchased the pack of ten Class A large fresh eggs from Iceland last Thursday so that she could bake a cake for him at the weekend.

He added: ‘When she took the egg out she felt the marks with her hand and then looked and saw our God’s name on it, as well as other writing all the way around.


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