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Bukas & Joints 2 begins to promote Africa one dish

Mrs. Biola Alabi, CEO, BAM Productions addressing journalists at the screening of the Season 2 of the Bukas & Joints
As humans, food, water, air and shelter are our most primal needs. Food is something we cannot do without hence the importance food has in our cultures. Some cultures even attach spiritual relevance to the art of preparing and eating food.
Internationally, countries have over the years branded their food and have given them a global appeal. We have the Chinese who have their foods served in specialised restaurants across the world. So also are the Italians, Mexican, French and many other countries.
African food are however relegated to the background on the world stage. Asides from some Ethiopian and Tunisian dishes, there is hardly an African food that is popular across the world.
These however has nothing to do with the taste or appeal of our food. It has more to do with the branding and exposure. There has been no platform for Nigerian food to be showcased. There have been cooking TV shows in the past but most of them are narrowed down to the popular dishes, and they usually focus on the preparation of the dishes.
Things however changed March this year when Biola Alabi Media (BAM) unveiled their new show, ‘Bukas and Joints’. Bukas and Joints features award winning broadcaster Olisa Adibua as presenter.
Adibua took viewers on a gastronomical journey of food while showcasing some of the finest cuisines and places to eat Nigeria.
Jonathan Adegbite, Head, Brand Management, Heritage Bank; Olisa Adibua, The Presenter of Bukas and Joint; Biola Alabi, Producer of Bukas and Joints; and Ozena Utulu, Brand Compliance Officer, Heritage Bank
The show was an instant hit. Viewers followed Olisa as he travelled around the country exploring the culture of Nigerians through our unique foods. Plus the humour injected by Olisa and some strange never seen before meals, viewers were soon waiting by their TV sets every Sunday at 7pm to see what Olisa will be eating next.
After the success of the first season, BAM has decided to go for another one. Olisa Adibua, the show’s prolific host returns this season and this time around, he is taking on joints beyond our borders, sharing the richness of African cuisines at home and aboard. The show will allow everyone from Africans to Europeans from every culture and in-between to explore the wide range and diversity of the African palette.
From the pacesetter city of Ibadan to the Centre of excellence, Lagos and to the heart of London, the 13-episode, 30-minute production of Biola Alabi Media, not only dazzles in its central narrative which is an expose on the richness of the African culture and its diverse cuisines, it also serves to usher business owners into the spotlight.
“Here at Biola Alabi Media, we are committed to showcasing the richness of Africa’s cultural heritage and communicating that narrative to the world. With Bukas  and Joints, we have found the voice to tell the world about the awesomeness of our culture through our cuisines,” said Biola Alabi, creator and executive producer of the show.
She also explained that the new season will have a wider reach than the first. “The second season of Bukas and Joints is expanding its reach beyond the confines of our continent. There are a lot of untold stories behind the evolution of our cuisines over time, and we are looking to get a global perspective on the imprints our cuisines have made over different cultures,” Alabi said. 
She also thanked partners and sponsors of the show for their resolve to help showcase the African culture through our unique foods. The sponsors of the show are Coca Cola, Heritage Bank, UAC Grand Oil and Nestle Maggi.
Biola Alabi, the show’s creator and executive producer, oversaw the production of some of the most successful shows in Africa like Big Brother Africa, Face of Africa and the first ever Africa Magic Viewer’s Choice Awards, while serving as the managing director of MNET Africa.

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