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When Bob is Risky to All (Opinion)


don’t know where to begin but I’ll begin from the top. I woke up to see the picture of Mr Bobrisky, pardon me, Aunty Bobrisky (I’m confused) on my Whatsapp story with a lamenting caption by one of my contacts of course, I wasn’t only appalled, I was disturbed. Now, I don’t care about what he thinks he’s doing, what consciously bothers me is the effects of his acts, what they would instigate amidst us all, the youths. As far as the truth remains, negativity surrounds this personality, as in negative comments made him a false celebrity, even wikipedia recognises him.

As it is, he is tagged as an Internet Celebrity, imagine… a celebrity who will soon turn our future into a grievous mirage if we all remain docile and less concerned. Come to think of it, Internet Celebrity? I can’t but shake my head at this, I used to think celebrities are celebrated individuals, personalities worth looking at; maybe, but while some of them are celebrated, others are just full of despiteful drama and irrational make-beliefs, coming on social media to display their painful lives disguised by designer wears which obviously do not completely cover up their fake lifestyle spiced up with unfortunate memoirs. These are people who could help organise the society as so many people, excluding me, look up to them daily, but no, they showoff frivolities in a very silly manner…story for another day.

I’m not following any protocol to write this, so I’m saving the critics some trouble. I took my time to write this because I am angry and I have to voice out my disapproval, I’m not interested in those who wouldn’t think twice to see the negativity in this wanna-be transgender or crossdresser (we are not fooled) whom logically paralysed indolent people adore and laud. It is disheartening that we are in a generation where half-baked, mediocre and tactless individuals celebrate madness at its peak. Most youths today are mentally incompetent to understand the values they represent to even decide what to accommodate or dishonour, they do not engage their psychology anymore,they imitate anything, anybody; anytime, anyhow, anywhere, and this makes me scared. Because some “celebs” who some youths tend to recognise and celebrate do not have sense, our generation is sinking, sinking so deep, wrecking away like Titanic and it’s life-sucking, disastrous, ruinous even more catastrophic than Titanic itself. This has therefore paved way for the disappointing appraisal ascribed to this kind of assorted aberration. I wanted to blame the government for sleeping on this issue, but then, I took a minute to think about the kind of people that surround this guy or lady (whatever he says he is), the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists who give him those wretched, self-deceiving and insubstantial glow that sold to him the impudent to come out and display silliness and mental retardation in broad day light. They are making their money right?? Certainly! That’s why sanity and cultural heritage would be thrown into the lagoon because of money that would eventually vanish like it never existed. Tell me, what remains after money is gone?

As if this is not alarming enough, some invite him for seminars, Jesus! I was discussing this with somebody and she said “it doesn’t matter how he looks, it’s what he has to say that matters” at that juncture I was flabbergasted and I felt like the world was going to collapse on my head. What! Where are these people who accrue to him illusioned and surreal relevance?

They need to see a psychiatrist or something, because they are bringing into our world a vicious decay that would canker our way of life and not only eat up our social vitality but also drastically murder the essence of our human existence. I am yet to understand what this generation would leave behind for the ones to come when we celebrate nonsensical frivolities and scornful trifle. At my first disapproval of Mr/Miss Bobrisky, one of my friends texted me and stated “story for the gods….we vote for Bob”, and then I asked mysef the kind of parent that one would turn out to be, isn’t he imbibing stupidity already? That’s the reality, some people are not thinking!

Truthfully, what Bobrisky will do to us and our children and the children of our children and their children too is so terrifying. Some may come to say he has the liberty to dress and look the way he wants, yes; however, this threatens our peace of mind and he can’t certainly be at liberty with an act that attracts jail terms (I read about him being openly gay) we are not in the western world, we are Africans, we are Nigerians, we are sane and our cultures still remain, I just wonder if they won’t die soon.

What keeps dragging us down the pit is that we would always want to copy the Whites, it’s okay, better let’s copy with sense so that we don’t put our lives into grievous disarray. It stands as a slap on the face to the morals that uphold our society that Aunty Bobrisky could market his derail, telling people to pay #10,000 to watch him on snapchat as he would be employing some people to do some stuffs I don’t seem to remember this minute, cataclysmically, some people will pay. Everyone is allowed to display madness, but within the walls of their rooms, and when they do it publicly, they don bite tree be that(yoruba people would follow).

This is a function of the psychology, I can’t imagine myself waking up in the morning and on my way to work I see about 5 Bobriskies, we don enter “riskies” mode be that…this man is snatching our decency and it seems like we are folding our hands, telling chaos to dine with us. We have enough to deal with in this country at the moment and if youths should go mad, and suffer some psychological instability, weighty indecisiveness and chronic vulnerability due to some person Wikipedia calls an Internet Celebrity, then what have we all been living for?

One of my friends said “only a dumb sleaze-ball would take that as a role model”, but we don’t have the luxury of time to allow even this to happen. Now, what do we do? One of the important make ups of all humans is the mind, now, our minds must function with this renewal that Bobrisky is not a role model to emulate or “vote” for or watch. Each one tell one, Bobrisky is a Risky risk that we can’t and mustn’t photocopy, a burning furnance we should run away from, we all know the power of a gnashing fire right? I think so and I’m sure we wouldn’t want to get burnt. We can not afford him or her, we can’t! Selah

Adegbite Dolapo


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