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8 Things you need to know about Workclick

Workclick App
Workclick App

Here are 8 things you need to know about the newest innovation that is helping thousands of skilled people across the world make huge income by simply connecting them to those who need their services.

  1. What is it all about?
    Workclick is a service networking company that provides professional and domestic onsite services to customers on demand. It matches trained worker-partners to customers via its app-based platform. It pools a cluster of highly skilled and well-trained experts ranging from gardeners to medical practitioners readily available to deliver.
  2. Who Can Work for Workclick.
    If you’ve got just any skill, then you are qualified to enroll into theWorkclick workforce. Here are some of the services you can providevia the platform: Hairdressing, plumbing, domestic electrical fixes, laundering, barbing, dentistry, make up and beauty, carpentry, gardening, photography, cobbling, tailoring, home appliances repairs, satellite TV installation, pedicure/manicure etc.

  3. The Workclick App
    Workclick is a mobile app-based platform. The app is available for download on Android and iOS enabled devices. The app operates on two ends. One end for the worker to see who needs his or her services. The other end is for thousands of users who need the services of Workclick workers.

  4. How Much The Services Cost
    The prices for Workclick services are predefined and fixed. The price for each service is posted clearly alongside the service to enable you make a more informed order. This feature wards off the hassles of negotiations and counter-negotiations. The prices are very competitive with the present traditional market prices.

  5. How Much Does a Workclick worker Make?
    Depending on how long you remain online for service requests, as a Workclick worker, you can make as much as N320,000 monthly, or even more! Direct cash payment can be made to the worker after the job has been completed. Alternatively, payments can also be made through credit/debit card which must have been registered on the Workclick account. Workclick however charges a 20 percent service charge on every payment received for all completed jobs.

  6. Can I Trust Workclick Workers?
    Well, Yes! Workclick is fully conscious of your safety and satisfaction as a customer. As such, in a bid to ensure that all workers are truly who they claim to be, a background security check is conducted on them prior to being activated to work on the platform. Once Workclickactivates a worker and sends them over to provide a service on your request, keep calm and feel safe, your Workclick worker can be trusted.

  7. How can one make a complaint?
    Workclick engages several approaches to get feedback from customers. After every accomplished job, the worker is rated by the person who engaged his or her services. If the worker did not actually complete the job he/she was expected to, you should report the issue directly to the Workclick support team via the mobile app. The support team would thoroughly investigate and resolve the matter accordingly.

  8. Who is behind Workclick?
    Just so you know, Workclick was founded in 2016 by Samuel Ajiboyede out of an urge to improve the global economy by drastically reducing the growing rate of unemployment and underemployment, while at the same time delivering a faster and easier means to provide onsite services to customers on demand.








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