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Western Lotto Rewards 2,500 Players in February

Western Lotto says it rewarded about 2,500 players on its platform in February, 2018.

The company however failed to disclosed the specific amount paid out to the players.

Yomi Ogunfowora, managing director simply said the company paid out millions in prizes to the winners, representing a range of prizes.

Ogunfowora disclosed that there is a steady increment in the number of winners on virtually all games on the platform. The winnings also reflect the growth in the number of patrons.

Western Lotto offers several games on its online portal. They are Powerball, MegaMillions, and EuroMillions. Others are LottoRace, UK Lotto, Euro Jackpot and the trending 5/90 grames. There is also the Kashman games.

The games appeal to different categories of stakers, depending on the interest of the player, and the capacity for both risk and excitement.

Kashman Games, Ogunforora added, have strong appeal because of the high probability of instant wins. Others are engrossed with LottoRace and the options for pooling risk among a number of players.

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“The month of February was a huge one for us,” he said. “We recorded more than 2,500 winners and we are happy this is happening. We had winners of different cash prizes from N5,000 up. There were over 50 LottoRace jackpot winners in February alone.

“We are grateful to customers for their strong uptake of the games on our platform. We will continue to prioritise their interest in servicing these games or in introducing other options. We are happy the winnings enable customers to upgrade and tackle their immediate needs at each point of winning. We offer hope and change lives”.






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