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Why Black Friday Deals Are Fake

Since it was gleefully adopted by the UK seven years ago, the name Black Friday has been synonymous with amazing, money-saving deals.

It is the day when, for a glorious 24 hours of plummeting prices and discounts, the consumer appears to come out on top — and, this year, it’s at the end of this week.

Originally an American concept, Black Friday falls the day after their Thanksgiving holiday and marks the start of the Christmas shopping season.

In Britain, it’s simply seen as a good excuse to go bargain hunting — and deals are starting earlier than ever this year.

With many shops already advertising their Black Friday offers, we’re expected to splash out £10 billion before this week is out.

But in this frenzy of spending are you really getting a good deal? In many cases, it would appear not.The one day on which you assume you’re getting the best deal ever is that last Friday in November.

‘We think it’s misleading on the part of the retailers, who are happy to hype up the size of Black Friday discounts.

‘Retailers disagree, though. They argue that just because a product is included in a Black Friday sale, it doesn’t stop them discounting it at other times of year, too. That’s true, but it’s also a tacit acceptance that there may be better times to shop for a bargain.’

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